1065 5th Ave North in Naples, FL
(239) 262-0811

Big Changes At Anahata

A lot is changing at Anahata. We are dropping “Holistic Healing and Spiritual Center” from our name and will go forward as simply being called Anahata. Our website and telephone number will remain the same. Our address will be updated to 1063 5th Ave. North (the new unit we just recently moved in to).

Originally, I had made the decision to close down Anahata all together and take on some new projects that I wanted to work on. My landlord put our units 1065 & 1063 up for rent. Immediately, a local and well established acupuncturist named John Patton called and inquired about unit #1065. When John and his associates came to look around, they fell in love with the entire space. Soon, we were in talks and negotiations.

The end result is:

  • Anahata will become exclusively a yoga studio and event room & will be sharing space with Healing Arts Center.
  • We will be keeping our current and future class event schedule.
  • Units 1063 & 1065 will be run and managed by John and his staff; as I am stepping down from owning the business & running the center.
  • The Healing Arts Center offers Acupuncture, Massage, Transformational Nutrition, Psychotherapy & Meditation. As you can see they are very complimentary of our way of thinking.
  • You will notice that our name, Anahata, will remain on unit 1063 with the addition of their business name.

* What will be let go:

  • As of March 14th, we will no longer carry retail products.
  • Anahata staff members will no longer be offering private sessions for Intuitive Readings or Healings from this location. Our website & newsletter will be updated (in the very near future) with all practitioner’s contact info so that you know where everyone is moving to and how to get hold of them

* What will remain at 1063 :

  • Yoga staff and special guest events
  • Monthly Psychic & Healing Faire
  • Meditation
  • Our website and Facebook
  • Our telephone #

Please feel free to call Susanna if you have any questions.
Susanna will now be on staff for the Healing Arts Center as studio manager. To book your class/event, please call 262-0811.