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Metaphysical Parties in Naples, Fl

Visit this metaphysical store in Naples, FL, for psychic readings, tarot parties, and meditation.

If you are in Naples, Florida, or Fort Myers, Florida, and you are looking for a metaphysical store with religious books, crystals, and herbs, then Anahata is the place for you. We have an experienced staff of the best psychics, psychic readings, tarot readings, spiritual counselors, meditation teachers, psychic healers, therapists, mediums, and masters in the Naples, Fl, area. We offer yoga classes in Naples, quiet places for meditation in Naples, and we have many unique tarot readings and reiki events that can help teach you and help on your spiritual journey.

Host a mystical metaphysical tarot party at our Naples shop

For small or large parties in Naples, Fl, we can provide just the perfect amount of tarot readings for your evening. We’ll bring the psychic reading tables, mystical décor and spiritual music to set the mood. Each guest will enjoy a private psychic reading while your other guests enjoy the tarot party you are hosting. $125 per hour per tarot reader.

Tarot party in Naples, FL

Anahata Naples FL offers a pagan shop in Naples with spiritual counseling services, reiki and mehndi.

This tarot party in Naples can be as formal or as informal as you like. A specialized spiritual ceremony put together for just you or a group. Each ceremony custom designed to cleanse and bring in blessings while surrounding you and your home with protection. $80 per hour.

Indulge your guests from Fort Myers or Naples with the brilliant body decoration known as Mehndi. Traditionally seen on woman in India for special occasions such as weddings, these temporary tattoos are a fun way to jazz up any reiki party, or tarot party. Using henna paste, the temporary tattoo is applied to the skin and left to dry for a couple of hours, once flaked off, the skin is stained and will last about 1-3 weeks. There is absolutely no pain involved, in fact Henna is nourishing to the skin. $80 per hour.

Meditation in Naples, complete with Psychic Readings in Naples

Get the girls together in Naples, FL, for a goddess inspired evening of spiritual ceremony, love, laughter, psychic readings and dancing in the privacy of your own home or back yard. Ceremony lasts 60 to 90 minutes depending on group size. We supply the goddess themed décor, ceremonial supplies and music. The evening can celebrate women as the goddess or be specific to one goddess. Examples of Goddesses include Kuan Yin, Tara, Isolt, Lakshmi, Isis & Mary. $130 for parties of 4-6 guests, $150 for parties of 7-12 guests.

Bring in the energy through ceremony and ritual in the privacy of your own home or back yard in the Naples or Ft. Myers area. We’ll help you cast circle and engage in a night of raising a cone of power and celebrate the vibrations of seasonal changes. You could also choose to celebrate the cycles of the moon with a New Moon ritual or Full Moon ritual. All designed to coordinate with the vibrations and associations of the time being celebrated. We supply the themed décor, ceremonial supplies and music. $130 for parties of 3-6 guests, $150 for parties of 7-12 guests

  • Aura Readings can be added to any party $60 per hour.
  • Chair Massage can be added to any Psychic Reading or Mehndi Party for an additional $75 per hour.
  • Hypnosis can be added to any party. $90 at one hour.
  • House Blessing can be added to any party for an additional $70 per hour
  • Crystal Bowl Concert can be added to any party event, to be played during your party as background music, or as a concert of it’s own. $40 per 30 min.
  • Poi Spinning can be added to any party for an additional $75 per performance per spinner. We offer both fire & non-fire Poi.
  • Belly Dancing can be added to any party. Prices determined by dancer per performance. Please inquire.

Psychic readings, tarot readings, and Reiki

Don’t trust any other Pagan shop in Naples to perform your psychic readings and tarot readings. We are the most trusted in Naples for a reason. Our tarot readings and psychic readings are accurate and trustworthy. Stop by any time to visit with us and meet our psychics and tarot readers in person.

Who Are We?

Anahata Holistic Healing & Spiritual Center is a place where your senses will be awakened. Anahata is an eclectic center where all paths meet. Here, you will find everything you need for your journey. Whether it be a tranquil energy healing, therapeutic massage, spiritual counseling, nutritional products, herbs, crystals, books or a ceremony, Anahata brings it all to one mystical place. We offer a wide range of classes and workshops.

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The “Coexist” bumper sticker is gaining popularity in the Naples area. I look upon that motto and symbolism for inspiration in developing my holistic healing space, where all are welcome. No matter if you follow Wicca, Buddhism, Christianity, Hindu, Kabbalah traditions, or even nothing at all. We welcome and support everyone.

What Makes Us Different?

There are several things that set us apart from other metaphysical shops in the Naples area. One of the most important differences is that we are a metaphysical store with an eco-friendly mission. 100% all of our herbs are grown organically. We choose body care products that are certified organic. All of our clothing lines are also organic.

Secondly, we source our items from Fair Trade Certified companies, and we carefully research each item that we bring into our store. 100% of our crystals and stones are hand picked by crystal intuitives to ensure the highest quality of vibrational energy. We never just order a crystal from a catalog. Even our candles are eco-friendly. If we can find an item in a non-plastic container, we will choose it over plastic. The list goes on.

If you would like to learn more about our eco-friendly practices, please give us a call or send an email.

Why The Name Anahata?

Anahata is the Sanskrit name for the heart Chakra. The healing center evolved when I decided to follow my heart and do what I have dreamed of for many, many years. We opened our doors on Valentine’s day 2010.

In Light & Blessings
- Susanna Tocco

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